Welcome to Campus Drive

Students Helping Students

Campus Drive was created in order to provide a lacking service to our own university. Now, the goal stays the same: continue to bring a safe transportation service to college students who are undeserved by the current ride-share market. By creating a network where only students at their respective universities can be drivers and passengers, our motto of, “Students Helping Students” will grow to foster safer, more convenient college communities.

 With Campus Drive, every student can have peace of mind in knowing a safe, convenient, and affordable ride to and from popular campus locations is right at their fingertips.

Why Campus Drive?

There is no better feeling for a college student than being a part of a thriving campus community.  Through our individual college experiences, we have discovered essential lessons about campus life that have shaped the founding pillars of Campus Drive. 

Lesson 1

Ride-share networks are simply unavailable on a number of college campuses.

Lesson 2

Irresponsible driving issues continue to plague college communities every year.

Lesson 3

Many students seek social opportunities on and off campus.

Lesson 4

College debt is real and can be stalled with a steady income from a campus job.

Want to bring Campus Drive to your school?

We make it easy to connect with Campus Drive. If you’re interested in bringing Campus Drive to your school, just drop us a line.

The Campus Drive App is coming! Check back soon.